Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Ladies with their Starbucks Cups!

My dear friend Rose saw my Starbucks cup that I made for myself and showed it to her co-workers. She called and said if I could make them that they would like one. So, I headed out to Michael's to get the cups on Friday and had them made by that afternoon. Well, Rose emailed me this morning to say that they all loved their cups and she sent me this photo! Here they are showing them off!

Cheryl, Rose and Kimberly

Starbuck Logo for Cups.mtc
Starbuck Logo SVG 

You can make your own logo online HERE!

Or if you don't want to do that and still can't figure it out...

PLEASE READ before emailing me or commenting and asking how to curve your name!

I have had so many emails/comments asking how to curve the name that I've decided to address this here. The MTC file and SVG file download above only has the logo without the name added. You have to add the name yourself. 

NO I do not have a video showing how to do this and NO I can't explain how to do this as the procedure is different depending upon what program you are using. 
I used MTC (Make the Cut) and the process of curving the name is very easy once you know how. You can visit the MTC forum for help with doing this and I'm sure you'll find someone that has time to explain it or point you to a tutorial to do it.  

If you still just can't figure it out or don't want to do it yourself, then YES I will curve the name for you and add it to the logo! However, I do charge for my time to curve it for you! I will curve the name and then send you the SVG file with YOUR name on the logo so that you can then cut it with your cutter. I charge $5 for the first name and $3 for any name after that as long as you pay in one transaction. I am NOT charging for the logo! I'm charging you to curve your name. 

So, with all that said if you want to have me do it for you then click on the Buy Button below and be sure to add what name(s) you want and make sure you SPELL them correctly! I will then email you the SVG to your PayPal email address with your name(s) added. The charge is for just the SVG and NOT for the completed cup!
 If you want me to email the completed svg(s) to a different email address please state that in the Notes to Seller. 

Names Wanted
Separate names with a comma
 Your SVG file will come from my email coniknits (at) att (dot) net
If you haven't received your file within 24 hours please check your SPAM filter for the email from my address above and if you still don't have it email me!
" Have a Blessed Day!"

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