Friday, February 24, 2017

ᗰY ᗰOᗪIᖴIEᗪ TᑌᑎIᔕIᗩᑎ ᔕᕼᗩKEᖇ ᑕᒪOTᕼ

TᑌᑎIᔕIᗩᑎ ᔕᕼᗩKEᖇ ᑕᒪOTᕼ - ᗰOᗪIᖴIEᗪ 

" Have a Blessed Day!"

Monday, January 23, 2017

Beautiful Valentine's Day Bundle

Get a head start on Valentine's Day projects....


The Valentines Design Bundle is here. With over 1000 Design Elements it’s the biggest Valentines Bundle ever made!

Packed with gorgeous fonts, illustrations, wallpapers, invites, templates and objects you are sure to find something amazing in this bundle to use in your projects.

What’s more you can save a HUGE $420 today and 94% off the RRP! That works out at JUST $0.02 per element.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Christmas Design Bundle!

The Christmas Design Bundle is possibly the biggest Christmas Bundle EVER made. Complete with OVER 900 design elements – this is truly a one off work of art!
With the Ho Ho Holidays approaching fast you can snap up The Christmas Design Bundle to help with all your design goodies!
Whether you craft for fun, for a living, you are a graphic designer or are just starting out – saving $523 on this bundle is a fantastic early Christmas present. Take a look at how much each element is costing you:
900 Design Elements for ONLY $34 = $0.03 per element. That’s 94% off the RRP.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Making your own Bias Tape

Making your own Bias Tape

Pre-packaged bias tape.
I've been enjoying sewing lately and if you sew then you know about the many uses for bias tape. The only thing is that if you purchase it pre-made it only comes in solid colors and there is usually only 3 yds. per package. So, making your own has many advantages. It's more economical, more variety and you can make as much as you need!

Here I have rolled up my new bias yardage on empty toilet paper rolls.
I've recently found 3 new methods for making my own bias tape. With the old method you had to cut your bias strips and sew each one end to end on the bias to get your yardage which is why until now I chose not to make my own. With the 3 new methods you are making a continuous bias strip without having to cut and sew each strip individually. Genius!
Here I've flattened the toilet paper roll and wrapped my new double fold bias tape around it.

New Method #1
This was the first new method I tried and it's very similar to method #2 except that you have to start with a square of fabric. So, you will have more waste fabric with this method than the other two methods. I found this YouTube video that explains this method very well.

New Method #2
This link above explains this method very well and has lots of other great information. This method is much like method #1 except that you can use any length of fabric and you're not limited to a square. Plus there is no wasted fabric. This is my favorite method! I got 7 1/2 yds. of continuous 2" wide bias from a 18" x 22" piece of fabric. The amount of yardage you get depends on the length of fabric you start with.

New Method #3
This method by far is the most magical and amazing way to cut your strips. You will think that there's no way this is going to work. However, it does work! You do need to use a square of fabric for this method. You should also leave a minimum of 4" uncut at the top and no more than 6" uncut at the top. This will greatly reduce the zag of the fabric edges where you join the cuts for the continuous strip. This zag isn't that noticeable and won't be noticeable at all once you fold your strips. If it weren't for this slight zag and having to start with a square of fabric, this would be my favorite way. Both times I used this method I got 9 1/2 yds. of 2" wide continuous bias. I was using 44" wide cotton.
Here you can see me cutting my continuous bias strip...

With any method you use to cut your bias strips you'll still need to fold and press your bias strips to make your single or double fold bias tape. This isn't difficult but is a bit tedious and time consuming. There are bias tape tips that are very easy to use and will do the single fold for you. The strip goes in one end and comes out the other end folded over on each side. You iron as you pull it through. You then have single fold bias tape. To make it double fold you then fold and press the single fold in half with one side a tad off set to make it easier to sew on your project.

I've used the bias tip tools up to now but I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchased the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Machine. You can find lots of YouTube videos about this machine. I found mine on eBay brand new and for less than half of the retail price! I'll let you know in a later post how I like it. I hope you've found this info helpful and that you'll be inspired to try making your own bias tape.


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