Monday, March 8, 2010

USB cord to use with Make the Cut!

I wanted to post what type of cable you use to connect your Cricut to your netbook, laptop or pc so that it will work with your Make the Cut. You will need a
USB 2.0 cable (any color) Type A (male) to B (male)
and I would suggest at least a 6 ft. length.

You can find these at any store that sells pc/printer supplies. They have them at Walmart, Target, Radio Shack and you can find them for sale on Amazon and eBay. They usually are no more than $10.00 Here's what they look like....

Here are a few links where you can purchase them...
Amazon - this one is only 50 cents!
Walmart - this one is $3.86 and is 15' long.
Target - this one is $9.99 and is 10' long. 
Radio Shack - this one is $7.99 and is 6.6' long.
eBay - this seller has this 10' for $2.83 (free shipping)


" Have a blessed day!"

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