Monday, March 1, 2010

Graduation Cap Card using MTC!

I had seen this cute Graduation Cap Card on youtube and so I made the blue one for my niece Alexis who was graduating from high school last year. At that time I had to cut everything by hand, but now with MTC you can make this cute card so much quicker and easier!

I have scanned my hand cut files into MTC so that I can share that file here with you so that you can make your own cute Graduation Cap Card. MTC file at end of post.

First you'll want to cut out your pieces using MTC. You'll need to cut one of A and B in your cap color. Then cut one in white for the back of your card. This will also show through the cut out space of the A section.
Also cut a piece of paper 2" wide by 4" long and punch holes in the top and draw lines on it to make it look like a piece of notebook paper.

Apply strong double stick tape to your A piece only on sides a, b, c and d. 
You need to leave sections f and e open for your notebook piece of paper to glide through. Now adhere your C piece to your A piece.

Next add your tassle to the top part of your A piece, which is the part of your cap that folds closed. Punch a small hole in the center and attach an eyelet. This will reinforce the hole that your tassle will go through. Use a strand of embroidery floss in your chosen color about 4-5" long and thread it through the eyelet outside of the card to the inside top of the card. Use a piece of scotch tape to hold it down on the inside part of the cap. Now take your B piece and adhere it to the inside over that taped piece to hide the end that's taped. Score and fold your top flap of the card down and braid the ends of your tassle and lightly glue it to the bottom side of the cap top.

Slip your 2" by 4" piece of paper into the card under f and e and make sure it easily slides. Using my pictures as a guide slightly angle it at the top and adhere it to the inside part of your card top, right under the holes you made in the top of that piece that looks like notebook paper. Use a ruler or straight edge to make sure it folds easily. Now add pop dots to edges 1, 2, 3 and 4 to adhere your bottom edges of A and C. The pop dots will help the notebook paper piece to glide more easily.

Voila! This will fit in a standard A2 envelope!

MTC Graduation Cap Card

You don't have Make The Cut yet? You can purchase MTC using the link at the top right of my blog or you can always download the full version DEMO to try before you buy!

" Have a blessed day!"

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