Monday, January 2, 2012

My Craft Room Revisited

My Updated Craft Room

I hope everyones new year is off to a great start! I updated and re-arranged my craft room a couple of months ago and am just now finding the time to share with you. Michael's Arts and Crafts had a 50% off sale of the white Jetmax storage cubes and so I took advantage and got some of those. I really like them and although I've filled some of them I still have many that are empty so I'll definitely have space for new stuff! My sweet husband got me all of the Jetmax shelving and the roll cart at the door.

The best part of the update, was getting a huge monitor so that when I use Make the Cut (MTC) I'll be able to see what I'm doing. I bought this monitor from my mom and then purchased a holder so that it attaches to the table but keeps it up off of the table so it takes up no table space. I have a small little netbook and now I just keep it closed underneath my table and use this second monitor as it's monitor. Works wonderfully! I just use a cordless mouse and purchased a little cordless keyboard for those times I need to type something in MTC. 

Also, when my son visited home for Christmas he fixed my internet connection back in my craft room. For some reason it wouldn't work wireless or even when I hooked it up with a direct cable. Justin figured it out and now I have internet which is useful when using the Lettering Delights ART function within MTC! Plus, I was taking my Maxtor drive back and forth from my craft room to my main pc in another room when updating my cut files. Now, I can just get them directly from the other pc or online at Dropbox or Box or SugarSync!
Although I use this room mainly for scrappin', I also knit and crochet. So, the room has a yarn closet and fiber goodness here and there. You'll notice these huge fabric yarn balls in the middle of the room as I have just started crocheting these fabulous crocheted rugs using these fabric strips. They are so soft to stand on barefoot and are one of my favorite fiber projects.

Well, thank you for taking time to stop by and I hope I've inspired you to spice up your crafting space!

" Have a Blessed Day!"

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