Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Step MTC Tutorial - Using SVG's for Print and Cut

Click on Weather Girl SVG picture below video to see what's included in the set.

Hi everyone, Here's a new video tutorial to show how to use your SVG files for Print and Cut. I've used two SVG's from the Lettering Delights set called Weather Girl. LD (Lettering Delights) SVG's also include a PDF of the images so that you can see what colors to choose when you cut your designs. This PDF is nice because you can use your Snipping Tool to snip that image and do a Pixel Trace in MTC for making a PnC (Print and Cut) design. This is because the SVG alone does not have the colors or image but just the outlines to do the actual cut.

However, you may have purchased an SVG set that did not include a PDF showing the colored image. Most of the time they do include an SVG joined showing the colors along with the exploded parts of the SVG cut layers. So, in this case you can use the much easier method of getting that PnC into MTC using Inkscape.

Method One
Open the PDF image of the design, then use your Snipping Tool to snip the image.
Copy and then Paste that into MTC using Pixel Trace and change the Threshold
just to be sure you get a good outline of the image. 
Next be sure to check Set Image as Texture before Importing.
Method Two
Open the SVG in Inkscape and choose File; Export as Bitmap and save that image.
Then use that file as your texture for the SVG file's outline. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want a black shadow behind your image, be sure to have that shadow showing before you do your Print of the image. DO NOT have the Outline Shapes checked under your mat options, but DO have the shadow layer showing before printing. Then when you go to cut, ONLY cut the shadow layer and hide or close the eye of the printed or colored layer.

" Have a Blessed Day!"

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