Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Artsy Paper Cuff Bracelet

Lately I have enjoyed learning how to make paper beads and I've been rolling like crazy! I'll soon be sharing some of the projects that I'll be making using my beads. However, today I'd like to share this paper bracelet cuff I made.

This was a lot of fun to make. I got my inspiration from a video by Ross Barbera. You can click here for that Part One video. I have no watercolor painting expertise, so I chose to use scrapbook paper. I picked out some of my favorite patterns and then cut them out using my Silhouette Cameo. After gluing 2 together for the top and 2 together for the bottom I moved on to the inside papers.

I wanted my backs to be as smooth as the fronts so I chose to use another method for making the channel for the cording to run through. I learned this method from watching this YouTube video by Jennibellie. I cut all of the inside pieces using my Silhouette Cameo as well.  This saved a lot of time, however it still took alot of time to glue all of the pieces together. I used 4 pieces glued on top of each other for the insides. That is what gave me the nice flat backs. Notice I also signed my artwork! LOL

To give you an idea of what the pieces inside look like. Here's a pic to the left. I had to glue those 4 smaller pieces top and bottom together and the middle 4 square pieces together.

To give each piece it's slight curve I used my bone folder to burnish them over the side of a glass jar right after applying the glue. Then I set them aside to dry. After letting all of the pieces dry thoroughly I used some small ink pads I had and rubbed those along the edges of each piece. I slid some wire through each channel which helped me to hold each piece as I applied the glaze.

I used Triple Thick and put one coat on the inside and edges and 2 coats on the outside. Next I used a beading needle to slide through each channel top and bottom and guided the black hemp cord through each. This is when I tried it on around my wrist to see if the cording needed any adjusting. I cut a small section of a wooden dowel and drilled 2 holes to slide the cord through and knotted each end. I applied a small amount of clear glue to each knot and my cuff was complete!
You can't tell by the pictures but the pieces are rock hard! You wouldn't think so since it's made of paper would you?

Although this first cuff took me a bit of time, I know I'll be making others. I have ideas spinning around in my head. I hope you enjoyed this post and it will inspire you to try your hand at making some paper jewelry!

" Have a Blessed Day!"

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