Wednesday, March 2, 2011

$100 HUGE SVG Sale only today and tomorrow!

Attention, all you 'lover's of an amazing deal'...Do not let this one pass you by! Just look at what's contained in this outstanding offer: 3 basic alphabets, 7 deluxe alphabets, over 1400 cuttable images (including cards, envelopes, boxes and more)!
With a retail value of $455, and your cost just $100, this deal is almost unbelievable---No, that isn't a typo, and Yes, that's a 78% savings! And just to impress you further with my math skills...that's 7 tiny cents for each image (and that's even counting each full 78 image alphabet as a single image!). But you've got to act quickly...this offer is available for two days only, so don't delay!

Want to get it for $75!!!!
SAVE ANOTHER 25% using the discount code from your last purchase! 
If you don't have one then just pick up this FREEBIE and when you get your email receipt you'll have a code to use!

" Have a Blessed Day!"

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