Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hinge Top Card Times Two!

I had so much fun making these cards! This type of card is called a Hinged card and they have been around for sometime and are very easy to make. Especially when we have MTC to cut all of the parts. Anyway, on the pink one I did embellish the top and shadow of the bottom section using a punch I had and then I used that same punch to cut the corners for the pop up deco front piece. I then finished it off by putting a flower on the front using pop dots underneath.

The second one I made using only the head and tail of the lion in the Lettering Delights SVG set called Animal Boxes and Bags. He turned out so cute! For this one you assemble the top hinge to swing down over the front instead of inside like the first one. This is why I added the heart inside so that the top would have something to sit on. I give more instructions in the MTC file. The MTC file has the main components and parts to the main card plus I added the lion base card piece and the lion bottom front section. You will have to add the lion head part yourself but it's very easy to do as you only need to size the head to fit the bottom portion of your card. Then just cut and layer him as you would normally. So if you don't already have the Animal Boxes and Bags svg set, head on over to Lettering Delights using my links in this post so I will get credit for your purchase! It will really help to fund my scrappin' obsession so I can keep offering files here to share! So a HUGE Thank you in advance!


" Have a Blessed Day!"

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  1. That is GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for sharing!!!