Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heart with a Message

I made these little cards a few days ago for Valentines Day and thought they turned out pretty cute! The little eskimo couple on the front of this one came from the
Eskimo Kisses Cocoa Holder SVG from Lettering Delights.

I used Diamond Stickles for the white parts on their coats and the clear heart sticking out the front is a Wilton's Heart Truffle Mold. I also put some glass beads inside. To the right you'll see a dial and that turns to reveal 4 different messages inside the heart. The only thing about making these with the clear heart is they would be hard to mail, so these will be hand delivered!

They still are a lot of fun!
Sorry that my lighting isn't all that great. These pictures make the hearts look cloudy but they are really very clear.
This next one I made the same way but added a fence to the front with 2 little birds from the Love Pets SVG Set at Lettering Delights. The dial on the right turns to reveal 4 different messages inside the clear heart. If you didn't want to add the candy truffle mold you could just leave it off and still it would be a cute card. That way it could also be mailed via the postal service.

The card measures 5" square and I've included an envelope with the MTC file so that you can make your own to fit the card. Of course the envelope will only work if you leave off the clear heart.

The base card itself goes into the "no cut" zone on the mat, but I didn't have any problem cutting it with my Black Cat Cougar Cub. You can select all and make the card smaller, but just remember that then the Wiltons Heart Truffle mold wouldn't fit.

 Here is what the candy mold looks like...I got mine at Michaels.

The instructions to make the card are inside of the MTC file and you can download that below.


" Have a Blessed Day!"


  1. thank you Coni, really like this card. TFS again

  2. They are so cute, thank you Connie.


  3. Connie,

    Loved the Eskimo kisses too. I should send that one to my son and his wife in the arctic circle.


  4. I love the cards and the use of the candy mold is so creative! Love the eskimos.