Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Add a Surname to an Initial

I have seen these cut from vinyl and placed on tiles of various sizes and have always liked the look. Now that I have my Black Cat Cougar cutting machine it's time to pull out the vinyl and give it another try. Last week while on the MTC forum there was a thread talking about this and so I set out to find the font in the picture they gave as an example. No luck finding that particular font. :( 

However I messaged a lady named Anna who put a post up about the tile on the Facebook Fan page and she quickly messaged me back via FB and told me she used the Anabel Font and that it worked out great. The other font I use is called Trajan Pro for the Surname and Established part. However since making this video I've found out that the Trajan Pro is not available for download. It apparently is a font included in Windows 7. However a friend of mine on the MTC Forum (Karen) has let me know that 
the Trajan Regular font works just as good. You can download that font below.

Anabel Font
Trajan Regular Font

" Have a blessed day!"


  1. Aloha Connie,

    Thank you very much the tutorial. Its very helpful. Connie, is the Trajan Pro font free? I tried to downloan it says it cost $35.00. Thanks again.

  2. Connie I have watched a couple of your tuts and they are just fabulous! Your instructions are clear and step by step. I don't believe you leave anything out. This tut How to add a Surname to an intial is just the idea I was looking for. I have a gift to make soon. I too am new to vinyl. Wish me luck!

  3. Great job on this tutorial. I really enjoyed it!