Monday, August 9, 2010

My daughter's Wedding Invitations!

Hello everyone, Well I thought it was time to share the wedding invitations that I made for my daughter, Jennifer. I didn't want to post any photos until after the wedding just in case someone who was receiving one may see them online before getting them in the mail. Here is a photo of the happy couple, Jennifer and Sean on their wedding day.
Here is a video my sister Kim took so you can see their first dance at the reception.

Ok, so Jennifer had went on a trip to Ireland with Sean this past Christmas to visit his family. While she was there she saw these church doors and asked if I could make her wedding invitations using the doors as inspiration. Here she is standing in front of the doors.
Here's another photo of the doors. So, I set about working with Make the Cut to see what I could come up with. Well the first idea that came to me was of course a gate fold card and somehow putting swans on the front. After many hours of trial and error and trying many ways of going about making them I finally came up with the final design with Jennifer's approval.

 So here is the finished design!

" Have a blessed day!"

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