Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thinking of You Note Card Set

I saw this project at Split Coast Stampers and loved the idea of this cute little drawer filled with note cards. It will hold up to 6 note cards, although I only put 4 in this one. The project is called Drawer Box and they have step by step instructions for making it at the site. There is also a video on that page showing how it's put together as well. They don't give dimensions for any of the paper pieces used to decorate the outside so I just pieced as I went along. However, I know I'll be making more of these so I'll be sure to write down the dimensions for all of the pieces next time. 

I also want to thank my friend Aura for giving me the idea for my note cards. She had sent me this card a while back and I used it for my inspiration for the note cards that went inside my box.

I found the handle to be a bit flimsy so I added another strip on top to make it sturdier. I really enjoy making boxes or projects like this but HATE using that red sticky tape! You know the kind you have to cut with scissors, then once you put it on the project it takes forever to pull the part off to reveal the other sticky side. Then when you finally get it, it clings to your fingers and you have to shake, shake, shake to get if off! Well, no more avoiding box projects now that I have found Scor-tape!!! I LOVE this stuff! You can tear it by hand and the paper backing comes off easily! I ordered (2) each of the 1/4" and 1/2" size from Scor-Pal and they delivered them in record time. So next time you need a permanent strong hold tape to keep your boxes from coming apart try Scor-tape.

I also ordered some Flower Soft (a spongy, springy, brightly colored, light as a feather material that gives realistic look & texture to images) from All That Scraps this week. I search out prices + shipping before ordering anything online and they had the best price and selection on Flower Soft. I've heard a lot of praise about this product and it lives up to the praise. I ordered only the flowery type and the 30 ml pots are packed full! I'm planning on buying more $1 store plastic containers to store mine in. They say to rub it between your palms before use to fluff up the fibers. They also have a moss type, but I had found some moss type product for $1 at Michael's! I haven't used it yet, but expect it will work great. You get a package of 4 like colors in small clear pots for $1. I found mine in the bins close to the registers. I think this Flower Soft will really shine on stamped images and I can't wait to use it again. You can find lots of tutorials and videos talking about the product online.

Another find this week was the card scents! I really loved the idea of giving a card that smelled as good as it looked! I have about 12 scents ordered from Scentfully Yours that I found on eBay. She makes the bottles up for you when you order and they come in roll on bottles. I'll let you know what I think about the roll on type. However, I did order one bottle of Milkshake Mania from All That Scraps. It smells divine and it comes in a bottle with a brush, like nail polish.

Another goodie I picked up this week was the Martha Stewart scoring board. It sells for $19.99 at Michael's and I used a 50% off coupon for it from AC Moore, as they honor competitors coupons. I have the Scor-Pal already, but loved that the MS one has score lines every 1/8". It also comes with a tool so you can make all sizes of envelopes quickly. I've already used it and love it. The bone folder is a bit sharper than the Scor-Pal one, so it's very easy to cut your card stock or paper, so take it easy.

Well that is all of the goodies that I got this week. I have more things on the way, but that's another post!
One more thing~! If you noticed I set up pages at the top of my blog. I'm still working on getting them set up so please check back from time to time. I'll have all of my video tutorials on one page for easy access, although I only have one there now. I also have a Memory Works page, as I just became a Memory Works consultant this week! They have some wonderful scrap-booking items, plus some items that are exclusive only to them. One is "Simple Stories" which are designed for scrapbookers of all levels who want to share their life stories and memories in a simple, yet meaningful, way - but without the time, guilt or stress of traditional scrap booking. I'll be sharing more on that later too.

Until next time..."Happy Scrappin'"

TIP: The Scor-Pal site has a project page with tons of project ideas should you need some inspiration!

" Have a blessed day!"

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  1. There is so much neat information in this post! You did order a lot of neat stuff. I really like the scor tape and adding scent to the cards sounds is fantastic. So when can come over to see all these goodies?