Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Owl Face Mask with Video

It's a little early for Halloween, but I saw this cute Owl Mask and just had to share it today! This is sized at about 5 1/2" and is meant to be worn on the top half of the face from the nose up. You can attach a wooden dowel to the bottom or punch small holes on the sides and use string elastic to hold the mask on. If you use a dowel the child can just hold the mask up to their face. You can find wooden dowels unfinished at Michaels Arts and Crafts or most craft type stores. You can find the string elastic thread at Hancock Fabrics or Walmart. You can also just use a short piece of regular elastic. Just use the smallest width possible and staple the elastic on.


Download your file choice below. The Make the Cut file has a preview locked piece to show assembly. The SVG file does not, so refer to this photo below if that is your file choice.

" Have a blessed day!"


  1. thanks for sharing such a cute idea.

  2. Can't open any of these files. A pdf would have worked better. thanks anyhow. Very cute project.